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How To Earn Money Online

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How To Earn Money Online

Many aspects of life are online nowadays. You can play games, communicate with people, buy and sell goods, trade, gamble, and whatnot. Almost anything you can imagine can be performed online. This is why it is no wonder that many people started earning money online in a variety of ways. In this article, we will present you with some of the best ways to earn money online.

1.Working for a company from home – there are many people who are employees of certain companies, but they do their job from home for various reasons. This is often the case with new mothers, who go on working for their company, but do all the work from their home computer, online, because they are not able to spend days at work.

working at home

2.Selling your knowledge or skills – this can be related to the first method, because there are many companies which hire people from all over the world to give Skype lessons on various topics. If you speak a foreign language, you can find a job in some of these companies and gain students from all over the world, whom you will teach via Skype. Also, you can do this independently (as a freelancer).You can translate and write texts and do all the work online, without having to sit in an office or travel to work every day. Other than this, you can browse many other jobs on the websites that serve for this purpose, such as UpWork, where you can find a job for almost any skill you have. Another convenience of this method of work is that you can have clients from all over the world.

3.Selling your products – if you make any type of products, it is possible to sell them online. There are many websites intended for this type of trade, such as Etsy for example, where you can sell home-made jewelry, clothes, furniture, cosmetic products etc. They work like large online craft fairs, but again you have the advantage of selling your products to people from all over the world, and not just to those from your city or country.

8binary-robot4.Online trading – if you are interested and educated in the area of trading and economy, it is possible to engage in forex online trading. However, it is not recommended for those who have no previous experience and knowledge in this type of trading. As an alternative, you can decide to trade binary options, which are fairly simpler and suitable even for the beginners. However, it is also not recommended to get involved in binary trading without obtaining at least some basic knowledge first. Also, it is very important to choose a reliable binary options broker, in order to make sure you do not get cheated. Read the reviews and comments of other users and opt for some of the brokers that have been highly graded and confirmed to be legit. You can facilitate binary trading by using a binary options robot, and on Top 10 Binary Demo you can find suggestions and reviews of some of the most trusted binary robots for binary options trading.

These are only some of the suggestions of earning money online. Certainly, there are some other methods as well, but these are the most common and the most widespread.

How To Know If You Should Use a Binary Options Robot

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How To Know If You Should Use a Binary Options Robot

Binary options trading was not acknowledged as a separate trading market until relatively recently. Therefore, there is still a lot of disapproving and confusion when it comes to this method of trading. On the other hand, there are more and more of those who use it, or even switch from trading on other markets to trading binary options. In relation to that, new binary brokers keep appearing, as well as many innovations that facilitate binary trading. One of the fairly new concepts is automated trading, provided by numerous binary options robots available online. There are many disputes about using these robots, and we will discuss some reasons for and against their implementation in your trading.

binary-option-robot11The main advantage of binary options robots is that they remove all the emotional influence from the trading. It is a known fact that emotions involved in making a trading decision can hinder the trade and lead to huge losses. If you use a binary options robot, you are only to set the parameters, and the software performs the trading based on them and by following the signals it gets. The best binary options robots are not those that promise 90% or higher accuracy. As a matter of fact, they are most likely a scam. The best robots are those that generate the signals based on technical analysis, which is a reliable and acknowledged technique of making predictions about the market.

One of the main disadvantages of binary robots is that they are often represented as a tool which you should use if you do not have sufficient knowledge about trading binary options, but when you think of it – why would anyone risk money by doing something they know nothing about? Even when using binary robots, it is definitely recommended to be educated and informed about at least the basics of binary trading. Another bad side of binary robots is accuracy. Binary robots are still a relatively new concept, which means that they are most likely to receive signals which provide them with 60-75% of accuracy at best. Related to the accuracy is the fact that you sometimes have no enough control over your trades. It is important to find a robot which allows manual setting of as much parameters as possible, because if the robot’s accuracy is not high or it hits the losing streak, it can clear out your account in no time, leaving you with great loses. It is important to use a robot where you can set the maximum amount of money to lose per trading day, in order to protect yourself from great losses. Last, but not least, we need to mention that there are many scams related to binary options robots. Before signing up with a binary robot, it is advisable to double-check its credibility by reading reviews, other people’s experiences and search for the robot in the news, trying to spot whether they were accused for scam. You can find useful information and binary robot suggestions on


Candlestick And Other Trading Chart Patterns

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Candlestick And Other Trading Chart Patterns

Candlesticks are parts of a binary trading chart, displaying the opening and closing price of an asset together with its range that is represented as a candle wick. Candles are aligned on the trading chart, providing the information about the assets, and they can a significantly higher amount of information than a regular linear chart. If you want to learn about best binary options brokers go to the review and start trading.

These are the basic parts of the candles:

The Bars – every candle looks like a rectangle, which indicates the price of the stock and whether it closes above or below the initial price. Candlesticks are usually green or red – green bar means that the asset closed the trade higher than the initial price, and red bar means that it closed the trade lower than the initial price. The size of the bar determines the movement of the asset’s price from the time it opened to the closing time.

Which_Chart_Type_Is_Best_For_You_body_Candlestick_Chart_next_to_Bar_ChartThe Wicks – also called shadows, the wicks are the lines on top and bottom of every candlestick. They represent the highest and the lowest point reached by the asset’s price in a particular period of time. Naturally, the top wick represents the highest price, and the low wick represents the lowest one.

Candlestick chart is a useful tool in binary trading, because if you know how to read it, you can make very accurate predictions for the future market movements and thus increase the success of your trading. You can get trading charts on many websites and through software installation (which usually proved better charts). Also, all of the top binary options brokers should provide you with a very good trading chart when you make an account and start trading. There are several other chart patterns you may encounter:

Doji – this is a single candle that shows little change between the opening and closing prices, therefore forming a cross shape. It shows that there is some delay on the market, but may be an indicator of the change that is going to occur.

bearish-engulfing-candlestick-patternEngulfing – when a candle with a small body gets followed by a candle with a larger body, it is said that the second candle engulfs the first one. This is usually an indicator of a bullish market of an asset.

Morning Star – when a candle with a short body finds itself between two candles with long bodies, at the bottom of a downward trend. This is the indicator of the market that is turning bullish.

Shooting Star – this is a candle with a short body and a long shadow that occurs between the shadows with longer bodies on the top of the upward trend. Opposite of the Morning Star – this candle indicates that the market is about to turn bearish.

Spinning Top – this is a candle with both long wicks and an open and close price near each other. It indicates big uncertainty in the movement of the asset’s price.

The Hammer -this is the candlestick that has a long lower wick and a short body on the top. It shows a large move to the low side after opening the trade with the asset. There is also the Inverted Hammer, which has a long top wick and a short body on the lower side, and it shows the opposite direction of the price that The Hammer.

Similarities and Differences Between Binary Options and Forex

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Similarities and Differences Between Binary Options and Forex

Until 2008, binary options were only a part of a larger trading market. Ever since this method became a separate trading market, many forex and stock traders decided to either include it in their trading practice, or they have even completely switched to it. What’s more, binary options are nowadays available not only to the experienced traders but for Internet users all over the world, no matter their educational and business background. Binary options brokers

offer on their platforms four different groups of assets to trade: currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities. Together with forex market, binary options are now the most available market for new traders and people who have no previous trading experience. There are some similarities between binary options and forex trading, their markets and trading platform, but there are also many differences between them.

Let us talk about similarities first. The most obvious similarity between binary options and forex is that both trading methods are based on online trading platforms. No matter where you are and how much experience you have in trading, you can create an account and trade forex or binary options on an online platform provided by a broker you choose. Another similarity lies in the fact that both trading methods should be regulated by official authorities in order to be considered reliable, and both binary and forex trading are regulated by the same regulation bodies. One of the best known such bodies is CySEC, which operates in Europe and most reliable online brokers have they license if they are considered legit. Then, both binary trading and forex allow small investments which do not exceed $100. This is especially convenient for the trading beginners because they will not make huge losses until they gain enough experience in trading. Another similarity is that both forex and binary trading allow trading on long-term and short-term periods, although the “long periods” are much longer with forex trading. The last similarity is that both these trading methods allow you to trade only at the specific time of day when the market is open for business.

When it comes to the differences, there are plenty of them between binary and forex trading. The first and the most obvious one is that forex trading allows you to trade only currency pairs, while binary trading involves them together with stocks, commodities, and indices. Then, binary trading is simpler than forex, it is more straightforward and it is easier to predict the result. Even without any knowledge of trading or market conditions, there is always a clear 50-50 chance that you will end the trade in the money. Another difference is that, with binary trading, a precise amount of earning is defined before you execute the trade, unlike with forex trading. When you trade on the forex market, if you end the trade in the money, you do not know until the end how much you will earn. Another difference concerns time. With binary options, it is crucial because the price is predicted and the trade is valid within a predetermined period of time. There is no time limit when you trade on the forex market – you can buy and sell currencies whenever the situation on the market seems suitable. Finally, the trading platforms of binary and forex trading differ from each other, together with trading robots designed for these types of trading.

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